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How does DrHealthyMe™ Detox Patch work?

DrHealthyMe™ foot patch is a patch that when applied to skin, induces sweating in that area which is covered by the patch. By doing so DrHealthyMe™ foot patch may support the body's natural way of removing toxins through activated sweat glands

Is DrHealthyMe™ foot patches reliable?

DrHealthyMe™ foot patches are designed by the top specialists in traditional Japanese wisdom. The ingredients used in DrHealthyMe™ foot patches have been tested through generations to deliver you the best, top-of-the-line solution to the toxin accumulation.

How do I know if DrHealthyMe™ foot patch works?

DrHealthyMe™ foot patches helps to induce sweating and according to scientific proof, sweating may help with reduction of some toxic elements in the body. DrHealthyMe™ patches also contain an area that is infused with various vitamins and elements. When in reaction to sweat these elements cause the change of color of the patch. Thus, if a user sweats extensively while using DrHealthyMe™ patches, the color of the patch should be visibly darker after the use.

How long should I use DrHealthyMe™ foot patches?

The positive effects of DrHealthyMe™ patches should be felt after a couple of uses, however, feel free to use the detox patches as long as you feel the need! Your wellness has no limits.
Do you have a guarantee?

Of course – each device comes with a 60 day guarantee, that’s how confident we are that we have the best knee pain solution on the market.

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