The Solution I Used Against My Swollen Legs Which Now Allowed Me To Walk Two Miles Per Day

Read My Story. How I Got Back On My Feet …

By Charlotte Roberts |Apr 27, 2022

I’m Going To share My Personal Story Of 10 Years Battling with Painful Swollen Legs

And How This Unique Foot Massager Helped Me Get Back on My Feet.

It’s possible there are few success stories like mine. But maybe everyone who suffers from swollen legs and feet so bad that it makes them limp can relate.

On a beautiful spring afternoon exactly 2 years ago my Orthopedician told me that I would never be able to walk pain free again. “It will only get worse” he said. I started crying. I love walking with my dog, Maggie. I could not imagine to never take her for a walk again.

I literally hit rock bottom.

"I had tried orthopedic visits, self-massaging my feet, different massage oils, the top reviewed foot massagers from the internet and pain prescription medications to no avail. Nothing could help me. No one had the answers I was looking for."

But this was also my turning point.

I decided right there and then that I will never give up on my walks with Maggie. Never! Not only would we walk again. But we will go on WALKS EVERY DAY together again!

It may sound crazy, but that’s what I decided right there right then when I was still crying and with feet so painful I could not stand on them.

I decided to take matters into my own hands and seek out the best solution for myself.

I set aside some hard earned money and ordered all foot massager designs available. Some of them were very pleasant to be honest, but none of them worked well enough. Some were too hard, some were too gentle. None of them relieved my painful feet to a level of healing. They all just tried to massage my feet on the surface but did not get deep enough. They were clearly not made by people who had swollen, painful feet.

After all my efforts, I was ready to give up. Defeated. Was this the end?

That day an envelope arrived from a friend of mine who is an orthopedic and has a mother suffering from severe foot issues. I forgot I told her about my struggles.

Enclosed was the following message:

Dear Sarah,

my mother suffers from chronic leg swelling and painful feet since many years. This new foot massager has improved her condition in ways I thought impossible till today. It is the first time in years that I see her pain free.

Let me know how it works for you,

- Love Beth

What I took out of the envelope did not look like much. A foot sized, folded rubber foam mat with a clip on an electrical display named Dr.HealthyFoot™.

It looked even flimsier than the other foot massagers I had tried.

How could this possibly massage feet?!

"But Boy, when I placed my painful feet on the mat and turned it on! My feet still hurt, but the massage came from deep inside of my OWN FEET. Slowly but surely the pain dissipated with each contraction and dissolved into warm, pleasant bliss. This was made by someone who actually wanted to heal people."

What kind of technology was this?! How was this possible?

I took out the manual and it said that EMS (electric muscle stimulation) uses the body's own nervous system and tissue by stimulating contractions and reactivating blood circulation and healing from within rather than through external pressure.

Small electrical impulses created contractions that helped my feet heal themselves!

I didn’t really understand it, but my feet confirmed that it worked on them.

After the massage ended I was afraid. What would my first step feel like?

I carefully wiggled my feet. They felt different but I was afraid to be once more disappointed.

Carefully I got on my feet. Where was the pain?!

I made the first step.

Then another. then slumped onto the couch crying, but this time from gratitude. The pain was gone.

I decided to use the Dr.HealthyFoot™ massager for 2 more days before I would dare take Maggie for a walk.

After 2 days I felt confident to try going for a walk with Maggie for the first time in almost 2 years.

My feet felt like new and we went for our first full length walk. As my confidence grew, our rounds with Maggie got longer and longer.

Since then I have recommended this foot massager to 5 of my friends.

I also contacted the maker of thisfoot massager. It turns out he is a retired Orthopedician who designed this for his wife, who suffered from chronic leg swelling and painful feet all her life.

Maggie and I have achieved true relief from “our” foot problems. Now we can enjoy our walks with confidence. Nothing can stop us.

PS: Make a promise to yourself like I did. Take action and defeat your swollen, painful legs. Step back into your life. You deserve it too!

Love, Sarah & Maggie

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